What are the features?

For the user

  • Insert your daily work transparently to the Project Server through a desktop application . Don't touch PWA ever (almost).
  • Always runs on system tray, there's no need to open the application everytime.
  • It automatically sends your timesheet to the project manager, you don't need to import and send them every time.
  • It will remind you to do everything, you won't forget to send changes, update remaining time, fill in the day correctly or close a timesheet.
  • Automatically creates new timesheet for new periods.
  • You'll be able to see all your assignments, and create your weekly timesheet from them.
  • Recover past timesheets and modify them easily (if you have permission). Just pick a date, and off you go!
  • Find the task you're looking for in our convenient tree-view form.
  • Supports split-time tasks. You will no longer have to calculate the length of time spent in the same task split by yourself.
  • Bookmark your most used tasks to enter them even faster.

For the company

  • Reduces data input times dramatically. Save time » money.
  • Adds new structures to improve management and more flexible reports, even if the project manager deletes tasks.
  • Helps users remember to fill in their reports so there are no empty reports, days with less hours worked than expected, etc...
  • Inserts flexible alerts to have real time control of your company (by email or popup):
    • Detect potential delays.
    • Watch tasks and projects close to the deadline.

For the project manager

  • The application may send updates to the timesheet daily to track the evolution of your projects in real time.
  • Users may see if the tasks or projects are near the deadline or in a critical situation before it happens.
  • You may receive an alert if a user is not working in her assigned tasks.
  • NEW! Empowers Scrum agile development method with Burn-down Sprint visualization. Just pick the summary task representing your Scrum sprint (a first for Project Server!). You can configure early alerts for overdue Sprints.

We guarantee that you will save up to 100 times the investment in our tool per year*!!
* Depending on the size of your company, of course :-)