What is Project Timesheet?

Microsoft Project Server is an unmatchable tool for project management. It is unrivaled in managing multiple projects with shared personnel, external workers, costs, materials... and everything through the Internet. Our software for project managers is powerful and user-friendly and control and reporting tools are top-notch.

How can we improve this tool? Keeping daily work updated through Project Web Access isn't as easy as it could be. Based on our own needs, we have built a user-friendly tool with additional features for project managers and companies.

But... why limit ourselves to a mere time-tracking tool? Thanks to Project Timesheet we can boost our workers' satisfaction and align them with the goals of our company and the client, thus improving productivity and profits per project.

How do we achieve this? From our Indigo Group's Virtway division, we have a strong experience developing activities aimed to orient people's behavior. The objective can be reducing accidents or even getting some procedures done, but it's always based on behavior change. Thanks to the information provided by Project Server and real time data from PTS we help the worker be more productive.

Our method is endorsed by international experts who have devoted their lives to devise methodologies to change the attitude and behavior of people's working habits.